What is Vape? How Does a Vape Work?

You most probably have had seen someone smoking an electric cigarette around you. Yeah, that’s what a vape is. 

The first question that arouses in our minds when we see it is that, what does it make the smoke?

Vape are the “new cool”. Most of the people throughout the world are vaping instead of regular smoking.

Electric cigarettes are probably safer than regular tobacco cigarettes. A study showed that E-Cigarettes contain 9-450 times less harmful chemicals then regular cigarettes.

It seems that vaping is something worth knowing and we should care how it does the magic.

So, let’s dive in and find out how these amazing smoking machine works.


What is Vaping?

When someone says that they are about to do “Vaping”, what is it that they really mean?

It means that they are about to inhale the smoke which is generated by vaporizing the liquid that is inside the vapor.

Unlike ordinary hookah, the person who is vaping gets the charms of smoking without even burning anything inside the vapor.

This vapor does not contain any harmful chemicals, that is why many smokers around the globe who want to quit smoking the regular cigarettes turn towards vaping. By doing so, they are not just protecting themselves but also the people around them.

What is Vaping Liquid?

Most of the vape liquids are made of vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is usually extracted from soybean and coconut or palm oils. In addition to it, the vape liquid contains mixture of water, flavors and nicotine.

What Can You Smoke Using Vape?

People usually smoke all kinds of flavors that are available in the market also some people add nicotine, cannabis. Some put meth and heroin as well, but it is highly NOT RECOMMENDED. All this variety depends on the type of vaporizer that you are using.

In other words, you can add a lot of variety for your pleasure and enhance your coolness by putting different things in it. But try not to overdo anything.

Tip: Stay safe and harmless to not just yourself but also to others, by not adding any harmful stuff in the vaporizer.


So How Do Vapes Work?

Up till now, you know what is liquid in vapour and what it is made of.

So now, I will tell you how it actually works.

Vaping technology does not burn anything! Yes, unlike tobacco cigarettes, which are required to be light up and only then you can smoke them. Vapes don’t light up.

Instead of using burning technology, the smoke is being produced by electrically vaporizing the magical liquid inside the vaporizer.

The electric current is generated by batteries which are attached to the vapes. These batteries are rechargeable and can long last as much as a full day.

A fully charged Vape can get you hundreds of puffs. Don’t overdo it though. Take care of your lungs as well.


But what about the volume of the magical liquid? How much puffs can you get out of 1ml of vaping liquid?

Well, most probably it is written on the packaging or bottle of the vaping liquid and it you can find it easily. But I can tell you upon average, 1ml of vaping liquid can help you get around 300 puffs.

A number of puffs also depend on the health of your device, and the type of ingredients that you are using to mix with the vapour liquid. These factors can lower the number of puffs that you might have thought to be higher.

OK so now you know about the charging capacity and how much liquid is enough for your purpose.

 Congratulations you have become just an expert and can guide to people around you regarding Vape usage.

Trust me most of the people using Vape don’t know about this stuff yet. So now you can show off your knowledge to them.


How to Inhale?

Inhaling or taking the smoke out of Vape is a very easy process. You just have to press the button and suck the smoke out of the pipe.

This pipe is on the top of the Vape and sucking the air out of it is very easy, you don’t have to waste your energy like you have to do in the case of “Hookah”. Surely, Vapes are much easier and effortless way of smoking these days.

 You just have to click one button and without any hustle you can smoke anytime anywhere (not on your campus guys, some places might not allow you to do that, it is because even though it is not conventional smoking but still the smoke is smoke, you can’t smoke it in “No Smoking” or prohibited areas).


There are two types of vapes users. Some use vape to puff and “Not Inhale” i.e. they don’t take the smoke to their lungs. They usually just take the puff in their mouth and blow the air out of their mouth.

The other ones smoke the Vape like regular “Hookah” or Cigarettes. It means they inhale the smoke from the Vape. This is apparently majority of the people are doing.


Is Vaping Safe?

If we compare vaping with conventional smoking, then we might say it is safer than that.

Since Vaping does not allow the usage of tobacco or burning of tobacco is not involved in the process of Vaping, we generally are safe from all those harmful chemicals that are present in tobacco.

In addition to it, the main ingredient in the Vaping liquid is polyethylene glycol or vegetable glycol. This ingredient is used in many consumer products, and it is FDA-Approved as well.

In 2013, the study conducted in the Journal Tobacco control showed that, on some levels, smoking vape was as much as 9 to 400 times less harmful.

But still, we can’t ignore the dangers of carcinogens that were found in the Vaping liquid during the study of 2009 by the US Food and Drug Administration.

But I must say vaping is still a brighter side if someone wants to quit conventional smoking.

Anyways, I must say you, if you made it this far on reading such useful information regarding How Vaping works, you must’ve gotten your answers.  

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