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We offer free shipping for all the vape products across the UAE.

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We Ship your products on the same day of order. Thus, the delivery is suprisingly fast.

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Vape Dubai: Best Online Vape Shop in DUBAI

Are you looking for online vape shop Dubai with same day delivery? Vape Souq UAE is the premiere vape store based in Dubai. We are vape enthusiasts just like you.  We eat, breath and sleep vape liquid.

At Vape Dubai Online Shop, we have an extensive range of vape devices (e-cigarette) , vape juices, pods, and accessories. Thus, you can buy everything from a single store, and when your order is above 200AED, we will ship it free for you.

You can directly order from us, and we will send the items to your door steps directly. So, you won’t have to visit the market ever again for the sake of buying vape, or vape juice.

Why Choose Vape SOUQ UAE for Dubai Vape?

You must be thinking by now that there are plenty of online vape sellers in UAE, and what makes us unique.  Well, there are a bunch of things that put us ahead of competition. Below you can have a sneak peak of things, why you should choose VAPE SOUQ UAE instead of any other vape supplier.

100% Authentic Products

Often people are doubtful about the authenticity of products they buy online (especially with the vapes). At Vape SOUQ UAE, we only sell 100% genuine products. No matter whether you are buying a vape device, accessory, e-juice, or a pod, you will always get an authentic product. We get our supplies directly from the big brands. So, there are no-chances of getting a fake product.

Extensive Range of Products

We believe that “more is better“.  Unlike the other vape stores who have only top-selling products, we have an extensive range of products ranging from e-ciggeretes to vape juices.  We import products from around the globe.  Moreover, we have the products available in different nicotine levels, flavors, and what not.

So, whether you are seeking a newly launched rare pod, or some vintage juice to cloud the vapors, you will find it right here. In fact, we have one of the largest vape collection in UAE right now.

Fresh Juice

Hmmm, so you are tired of getting old juice? Well, not with us. With stock fresh stock! You will only find fresh products at our store. We take this matter very seriously. So, you get the best possible flavor from the vape smoke.

Same Day Shipping

There is no point in ordering online if you don’t get your vape in time. Sound good, right?  With us, you will always get your goods in-time. We offer same-day shipping. So, if you order your vape juice in the morning, you will have it in your hand by the evening. It is that simple. You no longer have to wait for days for getting your parcel. As soon as we receive your order, we ship it right away, and ensure that it reaches you in-time.

Free Shipping

No body likes to pay for shipping, its a universal truth. Therefore, we do free shipping on all the orders above 200AED of products. You will get your product at your door-step, without paying a single dirham. Yeah, you heard it right, we will ship it for free.

What Do We Have in Store for You?

So, we have already told you a zillion times that we do have an extensive range of products. You must be curious by now that what exactly do we have in stock for your vaping needs.

Well, below is the sneak peak of vaping products that you can buy online from us.

Pods:  Pods are the e-cigarettes that you can carry with you to enjoy the e-juice. These pod systems have a heating element that lets you enjoy the smoke in style. We have a huge variety of pod systems from around the globe. So, you can choose the one that suits your budget and style.

E-Juices: E-juice is the liquid put in the tank of your pod system. This liquid comes in different flavors, and nicotine compositions in vape. We have a huge stock of different e-juice flavors in different nicotine compositions.

Starter Kits: Starter kits are an excellent way to kick-start your vaping journey. If you are a beginner to the vaping world, then you should always start from here. And, yes we do house some of the most exclusive products in this category too.

Coils: If your vape is having a lousy taste, then its probably time for the coil replacement. Coils help in evaporating the e-juice, so you can have the best taste. We have the replacement coils for most of the popular pod systems.

Accessories: Losing accessories is a common thing, vaping accessories include chargers, tanks, batteries, etc. We have a huge stock of accessories that are compatible with most of the popular vaping systems.

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